Coaching Pricing

Coaching sessions are also available for individuals wanting a more personalized experience.

Pricing noted below and based on a minimum of 5 hour-long (60 minutes per session) coaching sessions delivered via web conference:

Coaching 5-pack 60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes          $425.00 per person 

Coaching 10-pack 60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes60minutes           $850.00 per person

Buy a Coaching Pack now

Coaching sessions are very flexibile. You pay in advance for a coaching 5 or 10 pack and you are not tied to a specific date.

Once paid, you will be sent a coaching confirmation from The Learning Division and dates can be planned according to a mutually agreed schedule.

Book a Coaching Session Today

Call us at 1-844-ULEARN2 X 102 (1-844-853-2762 x 102) or email us at I to schedule an individual coaching session today.

The Learning Division reserves the right to change the registration fees without notice.