Coaching Services

The Learning Division Personal is a leading provider of personal coaching programs for individual and corporate clients. Our coaching sessions are offered in-person or via remote web meeting.

Corporate coaching is an ongoing relationship between a member of staff and a professional coach. They work together for an hour or so, between once a week and once a month. They focus on an area or a goal, which is usually defined by the employer or employee.

The unique coaching process is used during these sessions to facilitate growth in the employee, which will move them closer to their goal.

Coaching at Work

Coaching is not training or instruction. Coaching clarifies, and personalizes goals. It removes barriers, uncovering potential, and allowing the client to move naturally towards their goal.
The Learning Division's coaching team works with the client to spot the signs of internal conflicts, self-limiting doubts and behaviours, and to explore and remove them with the client. In this way, powerful progress is made.

Because this process is client-driven and confidential, it is not resented nor resisted. Because it is ongoing and not a one-off training day, issues are identified and worked on, ensuring that the reversion back to the previous behaviour is avoided.

The Learning Division Difference

We want to fulfill your needs and ensure a confidential, productive and applied coaching experience. We want to exceed your expectations and to help you maximize your corporate coaching experience.

Our range of coaching services includes such topics as:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Interpersonal Communication and Conflict resolution
  • Sales and Client Service
  • Health and Safety
  • Marketing
  • Time and Project Management
  • Job Search and Career Transition
  • Training and Presentation Skills

Pricing and Scheduling

To find out more about our pricing or to book a series of sessions with one of our coaches Visit our Coaching Prices page